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As the "May 1" holiday is approaching, in this flower-blooming and bright-colored season, it is a good choice to have a nice and pleasant flower-appreciating outing with the whole family or a few friends. A number of good flower-appreciating places in the province are recommended as following.

1. Peach blossom, lilac and apricot flower

Flowering phase: about late April to May

Address: streets and lanes in Changchun City, the bank of Yitong River, Xinmin Street, Chuangye Street, Imperial Garden, etc.

Transport: Bus 267, Bus 228, Bus 264, etc.

2. Tulip

Flowering phase:  the whole May

Address: Tulip Garden, north gate of Changchun Park

Transport: Bus 64, Bus 139, Bus 224, Bus 284, Bus 289, Bus 364, etc.

3. Peony

Flowering phase: about May 20 to mid-June

Address: Peony Garden (intersection between Renmin Street and East Zhonghua Road)

Transport: Bus 6, Bus 17, Bus 66, Bus 104, Bus 111, Bus 112, Bus 306, etc.

4. Jindal Flower

Flowering phase: mid-April to May

Address: Jindal Folk Village, Helong City

Description: Jindal, also known as azalea and rhododendron, is the prefecture flower of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture and Helong is known as the hometown of Jindal flowers. Every April, Jindal flowers bloom almost all mountains in Helong City and beautiful and colorful Jindal flowers dress up spring Helong to be more enchanting than ever. It is a good place for outing.

5. Pear blossom

Flowering phase: May to June

Address: Longjing Pear Orchard

Description: Longjiang City, Yanbian Prefecture is the hometown of apples and pears in China and the 10,000-mu fruit orchard is Asia's largest apple and pear orchard. Every spring, "a sudden evening breeze brings thousands of pear trees to bloom" and the white pear flowers and vast pear orchard make tourists indulge in pleasures without stop.

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