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Changchun Creates a "Capital of Snow and Ice Experience"
2014/01/11     Source:

At 10:00 am on January 2, with a starting shot, more than 4,000 professional athletes and ski enthusiasts from 25 countries and regions filed out from the starting line, rising up the curtain of a snow and ice event.

As one of China's most influential branded festivals in the snow and ice tourism industry, China Changchun Snow and Ice Tourism Festival & Jingyue Lake Vasa International Skiing Festival enabled tens of millions of visitors to feel the unique snow and ice charm of Changchun through the snow and ice festival. Appreciate the vigorous and firm scenery in north China, accept the challenge of snow and ice sports, experience the fun of snow and ice tourism and feel the charm of snow and ice culture. After 16 years of nurturing and development, China Changchun Snow and Ice Tourism Festival has changed the cold in northeast China from a disadvantage in the past to today's "hot industry" to create a snow and ice "platinum way" well-known at home and abroad.

Rely on resources and deeply dig high-grade snow and ice ores.

In recent years, China Changchun Snow and Ice Tourism Festival can occupy a tiny space in the country's snow and ice tourism industry and stand out from various snow and ice tourism festivals held in 10 provinces and more than 30 cities, mainly benefiting from that Changchun full plays its advantages, intensively cultivates its resource and culture advantages and forms a snow and ice tourism brand with unique characteristics.

From the perspective of resources, in the country, Changchun is only behind Harbin in the snow and ice tourism resources and has its own characteristics. Changchun is located in the climatic transition zone from the eastern mountain humid climate to the western plain semi-arid climate, the average temperature is -17.2 ℃ in January, annual average minimum temperature is -22.4 ℃, 4 ℃ to 5 ℃ higher than Harbin, the first snow happens on October 22 , the final snow occurs on April 20, the snow can accumulate for nearly half a year, average thickness of accumulated snow is 20 centimeters and the city owns the best climatic condition to develop snow and ice tourism and sports in the country; Changchun's forest cover and air clarity is high, taking a leading position among major cities in the country, the environmental pollution is small and the snow is soft, white and flexible to be suitable for skiing and sculpturing, the preservation period of snow sculptures is two weeks longer than Harbin and the city is the country's best outdoor environment for developing skiing and sculpturing.

From the perspective of culture, Changchun is one of the earliest areas developed by ancestors in northeast China, the historic and cultural accumulation is thick and a unique Kanto cultural connotation has been formed, such as Shaman culture, Korean culture, Mongolian culture, Muslim culture, northeast song and dance duet and northeast yangko, which is a potential resource for Changchun to develop winter folklore tourism. Meanwhile, Changchun is a famous cultural city, owns a lot of snow and ice cultural and art talents, such as Jilin College of Art, Academy of Fine Arts of Northeast Normal University, Jilin Construction Engineering College and Changchun Film Studio and has trained a large number of art and sculpture talents to provide a reliable technical support for forming a team to plan, design and build snow and ice tourism products.

Build characteristic activities and create a snow and ice carnival throughout the city.

From the passion permeating in the third national college students cross-country ski race, cheerful chatting and laughing in the all-people snow and ice entertainment activity, elegant songs and refined dances in "Vasa Night", ink fragrance of Jingyue Lake Vasa painting and calligraphy show and other characteristics of this snow and ice tourism, you can see the "gold content" of this "business card" China Changchun Snow and ice Tourism Festival has been enough.

All the activities of previous snow and ice festivals have reflected the purpose to focus on the people's livelihood and benefit the public. For 16 years, the snow and ice festivals have constantly launched snow and ice tourism products catering to the public and carefully planned activities to enhance public participation.

In addition to FIS cross-country ski tour China Changchun short distance race, 42-km Vasa ski race, 21-km Vaasa blueberry race, students Vaasa, 2.5-km Vaasa experience race, the third national college students cross-country ski race and other snow and ice competitions, this snow and ice festival will hold winter swimming performance, all-people snow and ice entertainment, snow and ice hiking, all-people amateur skating competition, college students all-around skiing competition, youth snow and ice winter camp, the second taxi driver skiing contest, snowmobiling limit competition , snow fun games, fancy ice hockey exhibition and snowman contest and other snow and ice sports activities with strong public participation, fully embodying the universal, participatory , experiential and entertaining features.

Besides, as one of flagship products of this snow and ice festival and 2014 Spring Festival tourism, the fifth Jilin Agricultural Winter Fair & Jingyue Lake Spring Festival Collection will be held from January 18 to February 7, at which a series of unusually brilliant activities such as collection of fine goods for the Spring Festival, Lunar New Year flower market, collection of popular sciences, children's plays and on-site picking will be presented for the vast majority of citizens.

Hold the festival for the masses and enable the snow and ice festival to maintain an exuberant vitality and strong gold-suction ability. This "snow and ice feast" has become an "engine" to drive the local snow and ice economic development. According to statistics, since the sixteenth snow and ice festival, Changchun City has received domestic and foreign tourists for 95 million people times and realized tourism revenue of RMB 95.8 billion.

Upgrade competitive products and drive the snow and ice economy.

"I have heard from my friends that Changchun's ski grounds are developed very well, so I get rid of the usual busy life to come here to fully integrate into the white snow and ice kingdom, relax both my body and mind, run on the slide at will and feel the fun of snow and ice kingdom and this trip is very worthwhile", excitedly said Mr. Chen from Guangdong while waving the ski poles in his hands.

The snow and ice festival has accomplished a series of "fist" products for Changchun, such as world-class cross-country ski tracks, northeast China's first professional single snowboard skiing park and a snow and ice world with a European style, enriched Changchun's winter entertainment projects and enabled skiing enthusiasts and lovers and tourists to be able to fine winter entertainment products suitable to themselves in Changchun.

During this snow and ice tourism festival, major snow and ice tourism products cover a total area of 1.23 million square meters; total snow used exceeds 750,000 cubic meters, growing 40% over last year; total investments exceed RMB 170 million, growing 70% over last year. Mainly cultivate a series of leading snow and ice tourism products represented by street snow and ice landscapes, such as "Jingyue Snow World", "passing through-winter-via skiing", "Beihu Lake snow and ice carnival", "snow and ice happy valley" and "Kanto ice sculpture park". Four ski grounds, Jingyue Lake, Lianhua Mountain, Miaoxiang Mountain and Xinli Lake, have fully upgraded, built various ski runs of 21, owned 13,800 skis and had daily reception capacity of more than 30,000 people times.

The charm of snow and ice economy not only lies in its own broad development prospect and a huge driving effect on other industries, but also is a business and investment solicitation platform. Make use of the snow and ice festival's favorable temporal condition and expand business and investment solicitation. Changchun takes the festival as a medium, meets with friends with the festival and solicits business and investments with the festival and re-welcomes a snow- and ice-based economic and trade event. The snow and ice business opportunity has attracted investors from all directions. At the 2014 Changchun Jingyue Lake Vasa International Skiing Festival's economic and trade talk on the opening day, Jingyue High-tech Zone has signed RMB 13.95 billion worth of project contracts with 13 companies including Beijing Hanya Holdings Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shenxia Asset Management Co., Ltd. to realize a good start for business and investment solicitation for the new year.

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