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The provincial government held the suggestion and proposal assignment meeting
2013/03/27     Source:

On March 25, the provincial government held the 2013 suggestion and proposal assignment meeting. The meeting summed up the provincial government’s suggestion and proposal assignment work in 2012, and made arrangements for the assignment work in 2013. Standing committee member of the provincial party committee and vice governor Chen Weigen, deputy director of the Provincial People's Congress Wang Yunxiu, and vice chairman of the Provincial CPPCC Committee Wang Erzhi attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
Chen Weigen first summarized the work of assigning NPC deputies’ suggestions and CPPCC proposals in 2012. He pointed out that, in 2012, all the suggestions and proposals undertaken by the provincial government were completed within the statutory time limit, with the settlement rate of 100%, and a number of practical issues that were concerned by the society and the masses and had an impact on the development were valued and resolved.
While deploying the suggestion and proposal assignment work in 2013, Chen Weigen stressed that earnestly handling NPC deputies’ suggestions and CPPCC proposals is the obligatory political responsibility of the government. First is to raise awareness, bring the suggestion and proposal assignment work to the theme and requirement of scientific development and trying to make the urban and rural residents live better, to the promotion and coordination of "three -zation" and the implementation of the "three driving" strategy, to the acceleration of comprehensive revitalization of Jilin old industrial base, to the work of expanding the overall economy, improving the quality, optimizing the structure, increasing the efficiency, enriching the people and strengthening the province, and constantly enhance the sense of responsibility and consciousness of the handling work. Second is to study to improve the handling methods, adhere to handling according to law, continue to implement initiation and leading handling for the major suggestions and proposals, carry out joint handling according to local conditions, promote joint handling by the undertaking units and the deputies and members, continue to implement online handling, and put forth effort to improve the handling quality. Third is to do a good job in coordination and combination, combine the handling of suggestions and proposals with the promotion of the work of the government, pay attention to absorb the ideological essence and specific comments in the suggestions and proposals, strive to solve a practical issue and promote an aspect of work in handling a suggestion and proposal. Fourth is to strengthen supervision, implement the major target responsibility system of the provincial government, implement classification supervision, focus on combining supervision and tracking scheduling, and ensure the quality and timeliness of the handling and reply with rigorous, pragmatic and efficient work. Fifth is to implement the handling responsibility, improve and improve the three-level handling responsibility, to ensure that the tasks can be decomposed properly and the responsibility can be implemented properly, to safeguard the handling work to achieve tangible results.
At the meeting, Wang Yunxiu and Wang Erzhi respectively put forward their opinions for the suggestion and proposal handling work in 2013.  

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