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FAW-Volkswagen ranked top among the domestic car enterprises in registration data
2013/01/10     Source:

The data show that FAW-Volkswagen with absolute advantage ranked top among the domestic car enterprises in registration data, followed by Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM. It is reported that the total output of FAW-Volkswagen exceeded 1.3 million units in 2012, becoming one of the few domestic car enterprises to complete the sales target in the context that the car market has slowed down in 2012.
Early 2012,
FAW-Volkswagen, which just completed the annual production and sales target of one million units, set the annual production and sales target at 1.3 million units, and put forward the slogan of "one step ahead to lead". Director and general manager An Tiecheng announced “brave words” of becoming “pronoun of China’s high quality car” as the new Sagitar came into the market of Sanya, which injected a cardiotonic agent to the originally sluggish domestic car market. In the subsequent months, FAW-Volkswagen obtained consecutive success in the market, not only won monthly sales champion among the domestic car enterprises for five consecutive times, but also given full play to the strength of the domestic most mature A, B, C series passenger car production bases.
In the analysis of the popular FAW-Volkswagen” market phenomenon, industry experts pointed out that the leapfrog growth of FAW-Volkswagen in the domestic market is thanks to the high-quality products that truly meet domestic consumer demand and good reputation accumulated for 20 years, but also to the forward-looking and careful layout, concerted effort and sincere cooperation between FAW Group and Germany Volkswagen, the most powerful partners. From the introduction and launch of the products to the localization transformation, the Chinese and German sides organically integrated the most accurate market demand positioning, the superior product quality and state-of-the-art technology and configuration. That’s why new Sagitar, new Magotan, new Audi A4L and new Audi A6L were highly sought after by consumers once they came into the market.

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