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Dongfeng’s foreign trade achieved new breakthroughs
2013/01/08     Source:

Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province has given full play to the business sector’s “organization, coordination, service and guidance” functions, improved the foreign trade policy promotion system, strengthened the tracking service, door-to-door service and other measures, and helped solved difficulties in enterprise development.
In 2012, three companies obtained the import and export operation rights, which added new vitality and power to the imports and exports of the county. Now, the county has a total of 34 import and export business enterprises. At the same time, it seized the policy opportunities, actively competed for capital, made full and good use of national support policies to help enhance the vitality of enterprises. It has applied for annual import discount capital of 500,000 yuan for Dongfeng Ferroalloy Co., Ltd., and applied for SME international marketing fund of 268,000 yuan four enterprises such as Jilin Tianzhu Food, and applied for annual foreign trade and economic coordinated regional development fund of 1 million yuan for Jilin Ruihua Food Co., Ltd. In the context of national money squeeze, these funds effectively solved the problems of exploring international markets and technological transformation fund shortage for the enterprises.

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