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Several urban construction projects started in Songyuan City
2012-05-24 14:43:00     Source:

On May 18, more than 60 projects, including 480,000-square meter Songyuan Narenhan Park, Fuyu Road east exit renovation project, Riverside Avenue extension project, flood-control embankment construction project, Xingyuan Road extension project in the development zone, Haishan Street construction project, Hada Street south exit renovation and extension project, No.10 heating station renovation project, Jiangnan water plant construction project and Longhua culture park construction project, started construction collectively.

This year is the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of Songyuan City and a year that the most number of urban infrastructure projects, with the most investments, start construction. The city has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the province's tenth Congress of Party Representatives and the city's fifth Congress of Party Representatives and been closely based on the general requirements of beautifying urban and rural areas and benefiting the people's livelihood to actively start the preliminary construction work of No.3 Songhua River Bridge and start construction of a series of key projects with a purpose to further change the urban environment, significantly enhance the city's comprehensive carrying capacity and promote the process to build a green, eco-leisure and livable city in the north.

The urban construction projects starting construction in Songyuan City in 2012 are expected to have a total investment of RMB 4 billion, highlight the theme of "one river and two banks" and cover several fields including roads and bridges, flood control, housing, heating, water supply and drainage, landscaping and environmental health.

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