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Jing Junhai Stressed at the Province’s Meeting on Promoting Rectification of Feedbacks by the Central Environmental Protection Team: Resolutely Complete Tasks with High Standards in the Time Limit  2018-07-16
The Seminar between Jilin and Zhongguancun’s Entrepreneurs Was Held in Changchun  2018-07-16
Bayanqolu and Jing Junhai Met with Academicians Attending the Seminar “100 Academicians to Jilin to Talk about Development and Promote Revitalization”  2018-07-16
Jilin Provincial Government Signed an All-round Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Peking University  2018-07-16
The Seminar “100 Academicians to Jilin to Talk about Development and Promote Revitalization” Was Held in Changchun  2018-07-16
Bayanqolu and Jiang Zelin Met with CPPCC National Committee Former Vice Chairman and China Enterprise Confederation Chairman Wang Zhongyu  2018-07-16
The Executive Meeting of the State Council Decided to Establish New Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zones in 22 cities including Changchun.  2018-07-16
The 11th Provincial Leading Group on Comprehensively Deepening Reforms Held the 11th Meeting  2018-07-13
Bayanqolu Stressed in Surveying Changchun City: Fully Promote the Construction of "Digital Jilin"  2018-07-13
Jilin Province Held a Working Talk with China Railway Corporation  2018-07-13
Jing Junhai Stressed in Scheduling Flood Prevention Work at the Provincial Government Emergency Office: Ensure the Life and Property Safety of the People  2018-07-13
Jilin Provincial Government Convened an Enlarged Meeting of the Party Group to Strengthen Work Safety Measures and Improve the Level of Safe Development  2018-07-13
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