Bayanqolu Met with Maritime Kray Acting Governor Tarachenko  2018-09-14
Changbai Mountain International Ecological Conference Was Held  2018-09-14
Bayanqolu Delivered Speeches at the 4th Eastern Economic Forum’s Sub-forums  2018-09-13
The State Council’s Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development Came to Supervise Jilin Province  2018-09-13
Jing Junhai Stressed in Surveying Changchun and Jilin: Effectively Strengthen Protection and Management of Water Sources and Safeguard the People's Drinking Water Safety  2018-09-13
Jilin Province Carried out Market-oriented Transaction in the Electricity Sales Side for the 1st Time  2018-09-13
Bayanqolu Delivered Speeches at the Sino-Russian Local Leaders Dialogue  2018-09-12
Jing Junhai Stressed at the Provincial Government’s Special Meeting: Comprehensively Investigate and Rectify the Problem of Seizing and Destructing the Ecological Environment  2018-09-12
Jing Junhai Stressed at the Province’s Promotion Meeting on Preventing Financial Risks: Firmly Hold the Bottom Line of Financial Security and Promote Healthy Development of the Economy and Society  2018-09-12
Jilin Province Issued the First Batch of Residence Permits for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents  2018-09-12
Jing Junhai Presided over the Provincial Government’s Executive Meeting to Study the Rectification of Feedbacks by the State Council’s Grand Supervision  2018-09-11
Jing Junhai Met with Zhou Pengju and Relevant Parties Signed Cooperation Agreements  2018-09-11
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