Jilin Province’s Meeting on Deeply Promoting the Private Economic Development Was Held in Changchun  2018-11-09
Jilin Province Fully Implements the Reform of “Separating Licenses and Certificates”  2018-11-09
Changchun International Land Port Won the Largest Service Order in Jilin Province since Its Entry into China International Import Expo  2018-11-09
Bayanqolu Stressed at the Meeting of the Province’s Leading Group on Poverty Eradication: Resolutely Fight to Win the Tough Battle against Poverty  2018-11-08
The International QR Code Industry Development Summit Opened  2018-11-08
Jing Junhai Stressed: Adhere to Supporting the Development of Foreign-invested Enterprises in a Tolerant and Inclusive Manner  2018-11-08
Jilin Provincial Government Convened an (Enlarged) Meeting of the Party Group to Comprehensively Improve the Comprehensive Prevention Ability of the Whole Society  2018-11-07
Jing Junhai Presided over the Provincial Government’s Executive Meeting to Study and Comprehensively Implement the Reform of "Separation of License and Certification" and Other Work  2018-11-07
Jilin Provincial Government Held a Video Conference to Start the Campaign for Winter and Spring Safety  2018-11-07
Jilin Province’s Two Main Events Debuted at China International Import Expo  2018-11-07
The Mobilization Meeting for the Central First Ecological Environmental Protection Inspection Team to Carry out “Looking Back” in Jilin Province Was Held in Changchun  2018-11-06
Lishui City’s Party and Government Delegation Visited Jilin Province  2018-11-05
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