Han Jun stresses giving full play to comprehensive strengths for whole industrial chain layout and gaining edge in hydrogen energy development during his inspection in Changchun


Source: JL.gov
On July 12, Han Jun, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, visited Changchun to inspect the development of hydrogen energy industry. He stressed the necessity to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and instructions, follow the decisions of the 12th CPC Congress of Jilin Province, focus on achieving carbon peak and neutrality goals, give full play to comprehensive strengths in resources, technologies, industries and application, boost the development and application of hydrogen energy technologies, form a relatively complete industrial system, accelerate the high-quality development of green and low-carbon industries, and provide solid support for the revitalization and development of Jilin.
On July 12, Han Jun visits the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry under the Chinese Academy of Sciences for inspection. Photo/Song Kai
At the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Han Jun learned about the research and development of fuel cell and hydrogen production technologies and called for giving full play to the advantages of scientific research by qualified personnel, expanding the development and application of technologies across the whole industrial chain, achieving a batch of original research results and applying them locally, and promoting the demonstration, application and industrial development of advanced technologies, key equipment and major products of hydrogen energy. In FAW Group, after an in-depth understanding of the core technology, application and future planning of hydrogen vehicles, as well as the operation of hydrogen refueling stations, Han urged efforts to establish innovation platforms together with key research institutes, diversify the types of hydrogen-powered medium and heavy-duty trucks and tractors, make new breakthroughs in cost control and safety, improve hydrogen refueling stations and other supporting facilities, and speed up the building of a safe, stable and efficient hydrogen energy supply network. In SPIC Changchun Green Power Hydrogen Energy Technology Company, Han asked about the development of hydrogen production equipment and emphasized that it is necessary to target world-class standards, to study and reserve advanced applied technologies, to foster a clean, low-carbon, low-cost and diversified hydrogen production system, and to accelerate the construction of carbon-neutral chemical industry parks. Han learned about the operation mode of "renewable energy + PEM hydrogen production + hydrogen refueling" integrated station in JEP Changchun Hydrogen Energy Company and called for orderly expansion of hydrogen fuel application space and promotion of hydrogen energy production and consumption. Relevant parties were urged to plan activities themed on hydrogen fuel, to step up technological innovation and industrial application of hydrogen energy, and to build a diversified hydrogen energy application ecosystem covering transportation, energy storage and industry.
On July 12, Han Jun visits FAW Jiefang Hydrogen Power Laboratory for inspection. Photo/Song Kai
During the inspection, Han Jun presided over a symposium. After listening to the opinions and suggestions of 22 experts and enterprise representatives, he said that the hydrogen energy industry is the key direction of strategic emerging industries. First, efforts should be made to gain an edge in the industrial development of green hydrogen. We should view the province's hydrogen energy industry from a strategic and overall perspective, seize opportunities, take the lead in layout, give full play to our own advantages, promote the large-scale application of hydrogen energy, build Jilin into a national demonstration province in green hydrogen across the whole industrial chain, and speed up the cultivation of hydrogen energy industry clusters. Second, efforts should be made to grasp the key links in the development of the hydrogen energy industry. We should focus on the links across the whole chain for production, storage, transportation, use and research, adhere to the main direction of producing hydrogen from new energy, develop advanced technologies including producing hydrogen from water, and push for the pilot demonstration of hydrogen energy storage and transportation with green ammonia as the carrier. We should build a safe, diversified and low-cost transportation network through high-pressure gaseous hydrogen storage and other transportation methods, explore application scenarios and expand application scale in energy, transportation, industry and other fields. We should strengthen basic research and innovation in key technologies, set up technological innovation centers with the joint efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutes, nurture a batch of specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products, introduce and cultivate a number of high-end talents. Third, efforts should be made to strengthen support and guarantee. We should further improve the planning, scientifically make plans, foster industrial advantages, build a diversified hydrogen energy application ecosystem and a complete industrial system, plan and implement a number of key projects in the fields of hydrogen production from renewable energy sources, hydrogen for industrial use, equipment manufacturing, hydrogen storage and transportation. We should roll out supporting measures in the establishment of special funds, credit support, tax and fee reductions, pilot projects, land and energy use to form a policy system.
On July 12, Han Jun visits SPIC Changchun Green Power Hydrogen Energy Technology Company for inspection. Photo/Song Kai