Han Jun visits Changchun and Provincial Department of Market Regulation for inspection, stresses developing market entities and promoting breakthroughs in Jilin's revitalization


Source: JL.gov
On November 15, Han Jun, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, visited Changchun city and the Provincial Department of Market Regulation to conduct inspection on developing market entities. He stressed the need to fully implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and instructions, thoroughly study and implement the guiding principles of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, earnestly act upon the decisions and plans of the provincial Party committee and government, comprehensively implement the market entities developing and upgrading action, make an effort to create a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment, speed up the development of market entities, and make Jilin take the lead in achieving new breakthroughs in its revitalization.
On November 15, Han Jun visits the Provincial Institute of Metrology for inspection. Photo/Song Kai
Improving inspection and testing capabilities is an important task in building a business environment. In the electromagnetic compatibility laboratory of the Provincial Institute of Metrology, Han Jun learned about the construction and use of the laboratory and chatted with the operators of the enterprises to be tested. He encouraged enterprises to stay confident, strengthen cooperation with research institutes, develop and produce more innovative medical devices. He also urged relevant parties to meet international and domestic first-class standards in an all-round way, improve testing capacity, promote the integration and sharing of testing resources, and form a one-stop service model as soon as possible to facilitate enterprises and to boost development. Changchun High-tech Industrial Development Zone is the province's pilot reform zone of separating operating permits from business licenses and applying for business licenses and administrative permits with the unified social credit code. Han Jun talked with entrepreneurs who came to start businesses and consult policies, sought their opinions and suggestions and wished them good luck. He required relevant parties to strengthen their service awareness, summary and evaluate the experience and practices of the pilot program, and facilitate enterprises and individuals to the greatest extent. In the Provincial Department of Market Regulation, Han learned about the development of market entities through the big data decision-making aid system and highlighted the need to use big data and other advanced technologies to innovate supervision methods, to improve supervision efficiency and to better stimulate the vitality of market entities. 
Han Jun stressed that we should make greater efforts in investment attraction, entrepreneurship and innovation, deepen reforms in simplifying administration and delegating power, improving regulation, and optimizing services, adopt more vigorous and precise measures, push the transformation of individually owned businesses and the upgrading of small companies, and promote the cultivation, growth and strength enhancement of market entities. He urged efforts to release a three-year action plan as soon as possible to develop market entities, focus on competitive industries such as automobiles, biomedicine, ice and snow tourism, new materials, modern agriculture and new energy, and carry out the developing and upgrading action for eight types of enterprise including technology enterprises, industrial enterprises of designated size, construction enterprises with qualification level, wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering enterprises of designated size, service enterprises of designated size, individually owned businesses, micro and small-sized enterprises, etc. Efforts should be made to build industry leading enterprises, cultivate outstanding enterprises, support listed companies, establish well-known brand enterprises, and promote the common development of micro, small, medium and large-sized enterprises, as well as individually owned businesses, so as to form a development pattern with improvement of quantity and quality. He said that we should follow a problem-oriented approach, focus on the most pressing difficulties and problems of great concern to market entities, strengthen factor, service, policy and organization guarantees, achieve targeted assistance, do everything possible to reduce costs, vigorously promote measures such as separation of permits and business licenses, more government services access via a single website and more government services access on cellphone applications, improve the service environment with all-out efforts, compare with the practice in advanced areas to find the gap, and issue preferential policies to directly benefit the audience.