Han Jun visits heating and power companies for inspection


Source: JL.gov
On September 27, Han Jun, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, visited heating and power companies to inspect the work of coal supply guarantee and power supply stability, learned about the coal and power supply situation of the whole province in State Grid Jilin Electric Power and worked on the spot to solve problems. He stressed that we should thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and instructions, follow the guidelines of the national video and telephone conference on energy supply in accordance with the plan of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, strengthen leadership, fulfill responsibilities, go all out to guarantee the coal and power supply, and spare no effort to meet the power needs of the public and society to ensure healthy economic development and social stability.
On September 27, Han Jun visits Datang Changchun No.2 Thermal Power for inspection. Photo/Song Kai
On September 27, Han Jun visits State Grid Jilin Electric Power for inspection. Photo/Song Kai
Datang Changchun No.2 Thermal Power is the largest cogeneration company in Jilin province. Han Jun inspected the operation of power supply and heating units, learned about coal inventory and financial security, and encouraged the company to shoulder its social responsibility, to overcome such difficulties as upside-down coal price, coal shortage and soaring price and to achieve safe operation at full load. He also asked relevant parties to strengthen the connection between banks and businesses, support companies in purchasing coal, and ensure sufficient coal storage. At State Grid Jilin Electric Power, Han urged the company to coordinate and dispatch resources, tap the power transmission potential of cross-provincial power networks, do everything possible to improve its power supply capacity, ease the contradiction between supply and demand of power, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the grid.
During the inspection, Han Jun presided over a symposium to listen to the reports of State Grid Jilin Electric Power Company, China Energy Jilin Company, China Huaneng Jilin Company, China Datang Jilin Company and SPIC Jilin Electric Power Company. All the participating companies agreed that they would fulfill their social responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of the national video and telephone conference on energy supply, as well as the arrangement of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, and overcome difficulties with all-out efforts to guarantee the basic living needs of the people and the power demand of industrial operation. Han Jun stressed that the coal security and power supply is a matter related to the vital interests of the people and concerning the stable and healthy economic and social development, and Party committees and governments at all levels must take coal security and power supply stability as the current major task, spare no effort to ensure power supply, heating, people's livelihood and production, prevent the lack of coal and power from affecting people's daily life and Jilin's revitalization and development, make overall consideration and careful arrangements, implement all work in place, and let companies and individuals feel totally reassured. First, we need to take multiple measures to ensure coal supply. Dispatch special personnel to the coal mines in Inner Mongolia, sign coal purchase, sale and transport contracts, and put in place all the support measures of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region government to Jilin as soon as possible. Strive for more import indicators, and promote the foreign mining plans of Russian coal, Indonesian coal and Mongolian coal. Self-produced coal companies should send special work teams stationed in mines to maximize the release of production capacity under the premise of ensuring production safety. Strengthen policy support, and expand the scope of market procurement. Speed up the construction of coal storage bases, and ensure that the quality and quantity of reserved coal meet the standards. Second, we need to strengthen the distribution of power and carry out a special action to ensure power supply. Enhance scientific distribution, improve power consumption plans, arrange companies to operate on a staggered schedule, suspend and reduce landscape illumination and lighting projects, and take the lead in limiting the power consumption of administrative units. Strengthen the monitoring of electricity consumption, resolutely prevent power rationing from affecting residential users' daily life and basic public services, and ensure the power use of key industrial companies. Third, we need to supervise power companies to generate electricity. Increase power generation capacity during peak hours, and must not conduct disorderly maintenance or shut down operation without authorization. All major power companies should fulfill their responsibilities, guarantee continuous production as far as possible, and ensure that the power supply and heating units keep working and the shutdown units resume operation and connect to the grid. Fourth, we need to increase policy support. Organize financial institutions to actively connect with thermal power companies, coordinate and meet their loan needs, provide loans with discounted interest, give preferential support to new energy development, reduce operating losses, and help these companies tide over difficulties. Han Jun urged to set up special work forces, implement the daily dispatching mechanism and improve emergency response plans. All departments should make joint efforts to reduce the scale and scope of power rationing, restore the normal order of coal and power supply as soon as possible and minimize the impact on work and daily life, as well as economic performance.