Jilin province's agricultural modernization in the front rank in China

2021-07-07    JL.gov

Harvesters are working in the rice field.
Baiqi town of Shulan city takes melon planting as its leading industry and makes great efforts to build the brand of Baiqi melon, effectively helping farmers increase their incomes.
Villagers in Chenjiadian village, Helong town of Nong'an county are enjoying the cool and chatting under the pavilion.
In Xinli village, Jinma town of Shulan city, villagers get up early to plow and fertilize.
Drones are working on plant protection operations.(All the photos above are profile photos)
In 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to take the lead in realizing agricultural modernization and strive to be a vanguard in modern agricultural development when he attended the deliberation session of the Jilin delegation during the National People's Congress. Last year, on his inspection tour to Jilin province, Xi stated that from the national perspective, Jilin is in the first team of agricultural modernization and should strive to be a vanguard in agricultural modernization. This is not only General Secretary Xi's expectation for the agricultural development of Jilin province, but also the practical needs in narrowing the gap between industry and agriculture and realizing the Second Centenary Goal. It is also the affirmation and spur for the agricultural development of Jilin.
Accelerate the integrated development of the industrial system. We should shoulder the political responsibility for national food security and steadily improve our comprehensive production capacity. The province's total grain output has been stable at 70 billion jin (35 billion kg) for eight consecutive years, and the commodity quantity of grain, the per capita grain output and the yield per unit area have been among the top in the country for many years.
Accelerate the improvement of the production system. We should speed up the upgrading of rural infrastructure. The total area of the province's high-quality farmland has exceeded 35.3 million mu (about 2.35 million hectares), and the level of agricultural mechanization has reached 89.2 percent. The development featuring science and technology, IT application, standardization, ecologicalization and intensification has achieved a new level.
Accelerate the innovation and breakthrough in the operation system. New types of agricultural businesses such as family farms and farmers' cooperatives are booming. At present, there are 146,000 family farms and 84,000 farmers' cooperatives in the province. We should adopt innovative methods to speed up the cultivation of business entities, strengthen the quality of agriculture, improve specialized agricultural services, and encourage small household farmers to become involved in modern agriculture
Accelerate the comprehensive upgrading of green agriculture. We should strengthen the protection and utilization of black soil, summarize and promote the "Lishu model". Conservation tillage has been implemented on 28 million mu (about 1.87 million hectares) of farmland.  We should also push the green transformation of agriculture and take action to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Jilin province, as the only provincial-level experimental area for comprehensive reform of rural finance in China, has built more than 2,000 village-level financial service stations. Agricultural insurance has achieved full coverage of main crops, and poverty alleviation insurance has achieved full coverage of poor households. The scale of rural land "two rights" mortgage loan has continued to expand, and the ability of finance boosting the development of agricultural modernization has significantly improved.