Jilin city manages orderly to improve people's lives

2021-06-09    JL.gov

A bird's-eye view of the community in Longtan district, Jilin city.
Jiangbin Park in the Jilin High-Tech Industrial Development Zone is a good place to enjoy summer.
Flowers bloom on both sides of the village road in Jichang town, Panshi city.
Flowers in the green belt of Chaoyang town in Shulan city attract people to stop.
Beautiful scenery of the Jilin Economic & Technological Development Area.
Xiyang town in Yongji county becomes a beautiful landscape after greening and beautification. 
Jinsha town in Huadian city is picturesque.
Since the beginning of this year, the Jilin municipal Party committee and the municipal government have made every effort to create an urban and rural environment with lucid waters, lush mountains and orderly management, so as to further improve the living environment in urban and rural areas, to consolidate the achievements of "national civilized city" and "national health city" and to solve prominent environmental sanitation problems. With the environmental sanitation management of the city, town, village, roadside, river and lake, forest and field, the city has completed six clean-up tasks of garbage, firewood, illegal construction, illicit advertising, road occupation and hidden safety hazards and has finally achieved the goal of urban and rural greening and beautification.