A glimpse of Hongqi in exhibitions

2021-04-30    JL.gov

In 1960, Hongqi car participated in the Leipzig International Exhibition and was listed in the World Automotive Yearbook in the same year.
At the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, China FAW's new Hongqi S9 sports car made a wonderful appearance, attracting a large number of car fans to visit.
H assembly shop of Hongqi factory after transformation.
In 2020, with the official listing of FAW Hongqi E-HS9, FAW Group released a new strategic plan to further expand foreign cooperation and opening up, comprehensively strengthen the cooperation between enterprises, universities, research institutes and end-users and make more friends for innovation and entrepreneurship. Based on Changchun, FAW will have a nationwide layout and a global view to build a modern high-end automobile industry chain, strengthen creation and consumption ecology and achieve high-quality development in all aspects.