Provincial Company Service Conference held Jing Junhai makes speech and announces official launch of "Company Service Week" in Jilin province, Han Jun presides over conference


On April 19, the provincial company service conference was held via video link. Jing Junhai, Party chief of Jilin province, made a speech and announced the official launch of the 2021 "Company Service Week" event in the province. Han Jun, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, presided over the conference. 
Jing Junhai stressed that companies are the cells of the economy, and market entities are the foundation of stable economic operation. We must consistently pay attention to companies, serve them, treat them well, and extend space, create opportunities and fully enable their development. First, we should focus on the construction of "one pillar, six doubles" industrial spatial layout, as well as the development of major industries including modern new-type automobiles and auto parts, deep processing of agricultural products and food, leisure eco-tourism of ice and snow, summer vacation, electronic information, medicine and health care, animated films and television programs, new energy and new materials, and guide businesses to synergize the industrial layout and projects, to participate in collaborative development for more opportunities, to integrate into circulation by using external channels and to rely on the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform for further development. Second, we should focus on "five co-operations", actively align with state regional development strategies, give full play to the role of business entities, and enable companies to enjoy more cooperation and development benefits. Third, we should focus on cultivating our strengths, support companies in seizing market opportunities, innovation opportunities and talent opportunities, and guide them to do a good job in industrial digitization and digital industrialization. Fourth, we should focus on optimizing our business environment. Local authorities and government departments across the province should adhere to the "government keeping its services well-aligned with the needs of companies", continue to deepen the reform of "streamlining administration and delegating power, improving regulation, and upgrading services" and "without the need for a second visit", and speed up the creation of a sound business environment with "smooth system, active mechanism, good policy, less approval, simple procedures, low cost, excellent service and high efficiency". Fifth, we should focus on improving our work style, adhere to the implementation of the "five modernizations", see responsibilities fulfilled by all the stakeholders, ensure excellent services, take a problem-oriented approach in implementing actions, and support the development of businesses.
Han Jun stressed that it is necessary to attach great importance to providing excellent services for the development of firms, expand fields, smooth channels, innovate methods, and make dedicated efforts to deliver services to companies and resolve their difficulties, so as to make them free of concerns in investing, starting new businesses and handling matters. He said that we should take the "1+12+N" series activities as the carrier, carry out inspection and research, listen to enterprises' voices, formulate more effective policies, promote policies to reach primary-level governments and businesses directly, and address financing difficulties and talent shortage for enterprises. He added that we should establish and improve long-term mechanisms, refine and implement specific plans, and continue to foster a positive atmosphere for optimizing the business environment and serving development and revitalization.
On April 19, the provincial company service conference is held via video link.
More than 800,000 people watched the conference online via broadcast platform. Provincial leaders Hu Jiafu and Pang Qingbo, as well as An Guiwu, secretary general of the provincial government, attended the conference in the main venue. Zhang Zhijun, mayor of Changchun city, attended the conference in the sub venue. Over 5,300 heads of enterprises in the province attended the conference at different venues.
Photos/Zou Naishuo