Chinese mergansers return to Jilin Hongshi forest region in spring


Recently, the staff of the Forest Ecological Protection Department of the Hongshi Forestry Bureau once again saw 2 Chinese mergansers, known as "giant pandas" among birds, under the dam of Hongshi power plant. At present, more than 20 Chinese mergansers have been spotted at the water area under the jurisdiction of Hongshi Forestry Bureau. 
Chinese merganser, with a Chinese red mouth, is named after "Zhonghua". Every autumn and winter, Chinese mergansers migrate from the Songhua River Basin under the jurisdiction of Hongshi Forestry Bureau to the south for winter. In March every year, they fly back in groups to breed and spend their six-month-long breeding season.
In recent years, the Hongshi Forestry Bureau, as an important habitat and breeding place for Chinese mergansers and other national protected wild birds, has continued to increase financial support and to intensify monitoring and patrol efforts. To date, the bureau has set up two large bird protection billboards and ten artificial nests, playing an important role in the reproduction of endangered rare birds like Chinese mergansers.
Two Chinese mergansers are seen by the Hongshi Forestry Bureau
The Hongshi Forestry Bureau observes the return of Chinese mergansers