Changbai Mountain Tourism Promotion Conference held in Beijing


Recently, the "Changbai Spring Snow" Changbai Mountain Tourism Promotion Conference (Beijing) was held at Changbaishan International Hotel in Beijing. The event was organized by the Changbai Mountain Protection Development Management Committee and undertaken by China Tourism News.
At the promotion conference, the participants watched the Changbai Spring Snow tourism promotion film and enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery and unique cultural charm of Changbai Mountain in winter. Changbai Mountain has held 15 consecutive sessions of the Changbai Mountain Snow Culture and Tourism Festival and has launched the Changbai Mountain Powder Snow Festival which integrates participation experience, art appreciation, competition and cooperation to change people's cognitive misunderstanding about the winter closure of the mountain.
To attract more tourists, Changbai Mountain has developed five high-quality tourism routes for different groups, including "Ski in Changbai Mountain alpine forest", "Play rafting, enjoy snow and rime · Stay in forest villa", "Volcano hot spring · Panoramic view of Changbai spring snow", "Hotpot feast · Changbai snow motorcycle crossing" and "Primitive snow valley hiking · Taste ice-spring hotpot".