A glimpse of high-quality development of Changchun's exhibition industry during 13th Five-Year Plan period Northeast Asia Expo

2021-01-14    JL.gov

Northeast Asia Expo
China (Changchun) Rail Transit Expo
Changchun Automobile Expo
Changchun (International) UAV Industry Expo
China-Germany Auto Congress

Changchun Agriculture Expo
From the perspective of industry, Changchun's exhibition industry, as a major part of the service sector, has a great boosting effect on the tourism and hospitality industry, catering and leisure industry, advertising and logistics industry and other surrounding industries. From the perspective of economy, the exhibition industry is no longer a simple form of emerging industries, but a comprehensive driving platform and promotion platform, playing an important role in boosting high-quality economic development. The fifth Jilin Snow and Ice Industry Expo and the 19th Vasaloppet China Changchun Jingyuetan International Ski Festival have kicked off successively. Northeast Asia Expo, Snow and Ice Industry Expo, Automobile Expo, Agriculture Expo and Aviation Expo have become well-known brands of the exhibition industry of Changchun. 

With the further acceleration of branding, specialization, marketization and internationalization, Changchun's exhibition industry has promoted the construction of Changchun modern metropolitan area and has become a window for the city to open up to the outside world.