Jilin Snow and Ice Industry Expo: promote integration of ice-snow economy into dual circulation

2021-01-04    JL.gov

The world of ice and snow. Photo/Shi Lei
"Romantic snowflakes" attract visitors. Photo/Ding Yan
Fancy ice-snow vehicles catch the eyes of visitors. Photo/Ding Yan
Recently, as one of the main activities of the fifth Jilin Snow and Ice Industry Expo, the 2020 Ice and Snow Economy High-quality Development Forum was held in Changchun, which was organized by the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. At the forum, the China's Ice and Snow Economic Development Report (2020) was released.
While optimizing the whole ice and snow industry chain, Jilin province has created a regional collaborative ice-snow development pattern represented by the "Ice-Snow Silk Road". Together with Northeast Asian countries, Northeast and North China, the "Ice-Snow Silk Road" is carrying out the exploration of ice and snow sports, tourism, culture and talent training, which has shown vigorous vitality and unique attraction and has opened up a larger development and cooperation space for the ice and snow economy.