Jilin city: turn "cold resource" into "hot industry" with long-term accumulation

2020-11-20    JL.gov

The opening ceremony of new snow season in Jilin province is held in the Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort
Ski enthusiasts in the Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort
The new snow season kicks off in the Beidahu Ski Resort 
The performance at the opening ceremony in the Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort. 
Jilin city with abundant snow and ice resources has two comprehensive international ski resorts—Beidahu Ski Resort and Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort, as well as one world-class indoor four-season cross-country ski resort—Jilin Beishan Ski Resort. With complete skiing facilities and service systems, the visitor capacity of the three ski resorts has improved year by year. Jilin city has become a new landmark of skiing in the country, which has been favored by skiing enthusiasts at home and abroad. The city has organized key snow and ice enterprises such as Beidahu Ski Resort and Vanke Songhua Lake International Tourism Resort to participate in the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo and other cultural and tourism promotion activities and to visit major tourist source markets for targeted marketing and promotion of special offers and activities in the new snow season. Besides key tour routes of rime enjoying, skiing vacation, folk custom experience, hot spring and health care and snow-ice photography, the city has also launched 10 self-driving routes of integrated tourism to provide richer experience for tourists. (Li Ting, Zhang Tianao and Jiang Ansong)