Zhenlai: river-lake connection project

2020-11-19    JL.gov

A large group of wading birds forage in the water of Zhenlai National Wetland Park
An enchanting corner of Zhenlai National Wetland Park at sunset
Photovoltaic power station in Jiaqi village of Zhenlai county for poverty alleviation 
Oriental white storks, a national first-class protected species, have breeding population in Zhenlai
Common coots, a rare bird species, in a lotus pond
A view of Xinli village in Gashigen township, Zhenlai county
The rive-lake connection project plans to connect 203 reservoirs and lakes in the west region of Jilin province, as well as 124 reservoirs and lakes in Baicheng city, including 45 in Zhenlai county. With engineering measures, the Zhenlai National Wetland Park holds back lake water and raises the water level to form an effective water-surface landscape and to restore the original eco-appearance. The project plays the role of water conservancy in urban construction and eco-environment construction, provides a water-loving environment for urban residents, improves the urban eco-environment and creates an ideal leisure and entertainment space, presenting a harmonious picture of man and water.