Implement road construction projects, accelerate Changchun’s modern and integrated traffic system construction


The opening of the south extension line of East Expressway greatly relieves the pressure of urban traffic. 
A street view on the Changchun’s main east-west axis after upgrade. 
At present, Changchun city is at a critical stage of building its modern metropolitan area. It is essential that the city has done a good job in urban construction, especially in the implementation of road construction projects, accelerated the construction of its modern and integrated traffic system and built itself into a city with strong and high-quality transportation network. 
At 10 pm on August 31, the south extension line project of Changchun East Expressway was opened to traffic. As an important traffic artery of the city, the project is a fast traffic link connecting the central city area and Jingyue district, greatly relieving the traffic pressure of Shengtai Street, Shengtai Square and Shiji Square during morning and evening rush hours in recent years. 
Huigong Road-Airport Avenue project consists of an overpass and a tunnel under Yangpu Street, which is a new channel linking the central city area and Longjia Airport with a total length of 1,300 meters. The construction content of the project mainly includes road, tunnel, drainage, lighting, fire protection, intelligent traffic and greening. The project started construction in mid-June 2020, which will effectively connect Airport Avenue to Changde Road and Yangpu Street after completion. 
To date, the upgrade project of streets and roads on the Changchun’s main east-west axis has been completed with a total length of about 9.3 kilometers, covering the whole section of Minkang Road and Jilin Road, as well as Jiefang Ave (Minkang Road-Yatai Street section). A total area of 50 hectares has been converted into green space with various kinds of plants such as trees, shrubs and flowers, highlighting the regional characteristics of Changchun city.