Jilin section of Dongfeng-Shuangliao Highway completed and opened to traffic

2020-10-09    JL.gov

Strengthen connectivity and improve the modernization of road networks.  
A toll booth in the south side of Lishu.   
No.1 Viaduct in Wangou. 
Recently, with full consideration of weather and rainy season construction, Jilin section of Dongfeng-Shuangliao Highway was successfully completed and opened to traffic after effectively overcoming the impact of typhoon. 
Dongfeng-Shuangliao Highway project strictly implemented the requirements of eco-environmental protection, carried out an inspection of trees and lands within the occupied land boundary of the whole line, formulated technical points of vegetation protection and topsoil collection and did a good job in the topsoil collection and vegetation protection along the highway with an all-out effort. More than 4,000 native trees and 3.2 million cubic meters of black soil were protected. Focusing on regional characteristics, the project formulated a special greening program for different regions and planted 21,184 trees with a survival rate of over 95 percent. Based on the principle of variety selection, vegetation level and combination of distant and close views, the project built more than 20 landscape belts and completed 13 reclamation sites, so as to better integrate itself into the surrounding natural environment.  
The project also launched a special research on the influence of "cold winter" and "windy spring and summer" climate conditions on the overall quality of anti-glare board in Northeast China and developed a new-type weather proofing sealant for severe cold regions. 
Taking strict performance management as the main line, the project further strengthened construction management to comprehensively improve its management level. Information means were widely adopted, such as drone, webcam and visual command platform, to conduct round-the clock supervision on the construction site via mobile app, so as to grasp the construction situation at any time and to find and solve on-site problems in time.