Summary of Songyuan-Tongyu, Shuangliao-Taonan highways construction


On September 15, Songyuan-Tongyu Highway and Shuangliao-Taonan Highway are completed and opened to traffic respectively.
On September 15, Songyuan-Tongyu and Shuangliao-Taonan highways were completed and opened to traffic at the same time. The two highways, together with Daqing-Guangzhou Highway, Hunchun-Ulanhot Highway, Changchun-Shenzhen Highway, Songyuan-Tongyu section of Tieli-Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner Highway and Tantu-Heishui section of Shuangliao-Nenjiang Highway, have formed an important channel for the interconnection between Songyuan city, Baicheng city and western part of Siping city.  
This year, a total of 5 highways will be completed and opened to traffic in Jilin province, with an expanded mileage of 718 kilometers. By then, the total mileage of the province’s highway will reach 4,300 kilometers, the "three major plates"—eastern, central and western parts of the province will realize highway connections, and the circle of Changchun-Siping-Liaoyuan-Jilin-Songyuan industrial corridor will basically form.   
The whole line of Songyuan-Tongyu Highway adopts the asphalt concrete pavement structure, with 5 service stations and 9 toll booths. It is the first time that steel box girder has been used in large scale in the province, which saves more construction time. The total length of Songyuan-Tongyu Highway is 206.037 kilometers.
The main line of Shuangliao-Taonan Highway is 187.203 kilometers long. The highway passes through ten towns of four cities and counties including Shuangliao city, Changling county, Tongyu county and Taonan city and links with Qiqihar-Shuangliao, Songyuan-Tongyu, Changchun-Shenzhen and Ji'an-Shuangliao highways along the line. When the highway goes into service, the driving distance between Shuangliao and Taonan will shorten from the current 4 hours to 2 hours.