Jilin city expands and strengthens ice-snow industry

2020-09-14    JL.gov

On September 5, Jilin city made an amazing appearance at the winter expo, with a series of highlights. Here, let's take a look at some impressive parts. 
The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games brings significant opportunities to the development of the ice and snow industry, and Jilin city promotes its ice and snow industry to grow into ice and snow economy with an all-out effort, so as to actively realize the value of "a world of ice and snow". Jilin city develops ice and snow tourism to build itself into a world ice and snow tourism destination, develops ice and snow sports to build itself into an international ice and snow sports capital, develops ice and snow equipment to build itself into a national ice and snow equipment cluster and develops ice and snow culture to build itself into an international ice and snow city brand. 
In the exhibition area of Jilin city, the booth adopted the form of electronic technology and combined with modern technologies to achieve the overall linkage effect. The city also set up a Manchu cultural products exhibition and a local signature products exhibition. The effect of the exhibition arrangement this time was greatly improved compared with last year's winter expo. 
With the promotional theme of "Rime Capital, Skiing Paradise-Jilin City", the exhibition area of Jilin city mainly adopted the form of electronic technology with modern technologies, striving to achieve the overall linkage effect. The main part of the exhibition, equipped with the transparent organic light-emitting device, played dynamic skiing images in a loop, showing plenty of joy brought by skiing. The main exhibition passage adopted the green screen matting technology to let visitors experience the beautiful and picturesque scene of rime. The whole exhibition area adopted "full interaction" to attract visitors, with a wide variety of exhibition contents such as indoor ski simulator, VR ski simulator, sand table of four-season cross-country ski field and Manchu cultural products with local characteristics. 
Jilin city, located in the "golden latitude zone of ice and snow", is one of the three major powder snow bases in the world and is second to none in China and even in the world in terms of altitude, mountain slope, snow period span, winter temperature, snow depth and wind speed. In recent years, the city has made great efforts to develop its ice and snow economy and to expand and strengthen its ice and snow industry. In terms of competitive ice and snow sports, the city has achieved remarkable results and led more teenagers to love and participate in ice and snow sports, better leading and promoting the development of ice and snow sports.