FAW Group and Changchun city join hands to build Changchun International Automobile City

2020-07-30    JL.gov

In the first half of the year, Chinese automaker FAW Group produced a total of 1,622,279 vehicles, up 1.5 percent year on year and sold 1,630,923 vehicles, up 2.3 percent. Among its various brands, the group produced 69,759 of its Hongqi cars, up 89.5 percent year on year and sold 70,045 vehicles, up 110.7 percent. It also produced 232,164 Jiefang vehicles, up 16.5 percent year on year and sold 278,235 vehicles, up 35.6 percent. During the same period, the output value of industries above designated scale in the Changchun Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone reached 252.11 billion yuan, up 10.2 percent year on year. Six of the seven auto projects have started.
On Tuesday morning, the master plan for Changchun International Automobile City was officially launched in Changchun during the Second Hongqi Carnival event, as an emerging industrial ecosystem jointly built by government and enterprise. 
Changchun International Automobile City covers a total area of 471 square kilometers, integrating parts of the Changchun Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Xixin Industrial Concentration Zone in Lvyuan district, the Economic Development Zone in Chaoyang district and the Changchun High-tech Industrial Development Zone. In particular, with the approval of the State Council on adjusting the relationship between Changchun city and county-level Gongzhuling city, Daling town and Fanjiatun town of Gongzhuling are officially incorporated into the international automobile city plate to further expand its development space. 
Taking FAW Group as the leader and Hongqi green intelligence town as the focus, the auto city will make every effort to promote the production of auto brands such as FAW-Hongqi, FAW-Jiefang, FAW-Besturn, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Audi, FAW-Fengyue and FAW-Mazda, build the whole automobile industrial supply chain by focusing on core auto components, vigorously develop automobile services such as research, development and design, auto trade, auto finance, auto culture and tourism, and comprehensively build a world-class R&D, production and post-market service base of automobile and parts, as well as a high-quality development demonstration zone of automobile industry. The auto city adheres to the principle of serving people's livelihood and coordinating the development of social programs at a high level, and fully demonstrates the capacity of high-level social services in the areas of education, healthcare and elderly care. 
In the future, Changchun International Automobile City will join hands with FAW Group to shoulder important tasks and build itself into a world-renowned demonstration zone of automobile industry, so as to make contributions to the all-round revitalization of Jilin.