Changchun International Automobile City to build itself into a new high-quality city with integration of production, life and ecology


Auto Square
Smooth urban traffic
Dongfeng Street after being transformed and upgraded 
Production, life and ecology are integrated in Changchun International Automobile City  
Greenery in the international auto city
Since the beginning of the year, Changchun International Automobile City has made clear its positioning, broadened its vision, made scientific planning and followed the development concept of "integration of production, life and ecology", so as to comprehensively improve the level of urban construction. By creating high-quality life and constantly enhancing its attraction, creativity and competitiveness, Changchun International Automobile City is developing into a desirable city of innovation, culture and ecology, and is rising as a modern international metropolitan area with world influence. 
The Changchun Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone has constantly optimized the layout of public service facilities in such areas as education, culture, sports, medical care and welfare, so as to further improve the level of urban living and supporting services. The zone also builds a fully covered and demonstrative smart city network, gives full play to the strengths of modern information technology and establishes an online platform for digital information sharing, so as to realize smart urban management in comprehensive security, energy control, information release and other areas. 
Taking the trillion-yuan scale auto industry and people's ever-increasing needs for a better life as the starting point, Changchun International Automobile City has adhered to the coordinated development of production, life and ecology during its construction. The auto city not only promotes the implementation of a batch of industrial projects that are to extend, supplement and stabilize the auto industry chain, but also introduces a number of urban complexes, high-quality schools and cultural creation projects, as well as plans and implements a number of ecological projects such as parks, green land and river basin governance at a high level.