Jilin city: all-round planning projects to strengthen the basis for sustained industrial development

2020-06-27    JL.gov

Jiqi Longshan special vehicle production base is located in the Jilin Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. 
Jilin Chemical Fiber Group’s large-tow carbon fiber project (Phase I) with annual production of 8,000 tons.
In recent years, with consolidation of the pillar industries such as chemical industry and metallurgical industry, Jilin city has made efforts to foster a number of strategic emerging industries such as biomedicine, new energy and new material. The industrial structure has shifted and the basis for sustained industrial development has significantly strengthened. In this year's government work report, Jilin city urged efforts to focus on industrial transformation and upgrade, as well as to expedite the establishment of modern industrial system.
Since the beginning of the year, Jilin city has started work on accelerating equipment installation and debugging, speeding up the production procedures for projects, promoting projects to go into operation and achieve good returns, and expediting the coordination of guarantees for production factors. Up to now, 6 of the 34 key projects of Jilin city have generated an output value increment, with a total increase of exceeding 700 million yuan.   
In terms of new material industry, Jilin city has actively expanded its cooperation with the enterprises in the fields of wind power, automobile and railway vehicle, and has promoted the extension and development of industrial chain via the wide application of large-tow carbon fiber. The Carbon Fiber and Differential Fiber Industrial Park of Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone has applied for the ninth batch of the national demonstration bases for new industrialization and successfully included, making it the second national-level industrial demonstration base in Jilin city. The city has formed a complete industrial chain from precursor fiber to carbon fiber, and then to composite materials and products.      
Multiple biomedical projects of Jilin Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone have been selected as this year's "three-early" projects. To date, the pharmaceutical and health industry has formed an industrial cluster effect in the Jilin Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Jilin Chemical Fiber Group has expanded its sales volume through the joint efforts of domestic and foreign markets, and the sales volume of four major fibers has reached the expected level. In the first quarter, the output increased by 10 percent year on year, the direct export of fiber increased by 77 percent, and the foreign exchange earnings through export increased by 28 percent. Two production lines have been completed and put into operation in the first phase of the large-tow carbon fiber project. The operation of the project has great significance for the adjustment of China’s carbon fiber industrial structure, the development of such industries as aerospace and wind power, as well as the acceleration of auto lightweight.