Baishan landscape tour


A sea of flowers (Photo/Lian Chenghao)
Fisherman's song
A sea of clouds
The Yalu River (Photo/Sheng Chengzhi)
Camping at Changbai Mountain
As the first national tourist area fully covered with forest, Baishan city has a forest coverage rate of 84.1 percent, ranking first among China’s prefecture-level cities. It is an internationally recognized natural biosphere and species gene pool with the best preservation of original condition and the largest number of biological species in the same latitude zone of the earth.
In recent years, Baishan city has fostered tourism as an important industry for green transformation and all-round revitalization, and has successfully built a number of industrial clusters such as Changbai Mountain International Tourism Resort, Luneng Resort and Jishi Media Changbai Mountain Cultural Industrial Park. The efficiency of tourism industry clusters has released unremittingly, showing sound momentum for rapid development. In 2019, Fusong county and Linjiang county-level city were included in the China’s most beautiful county list, Fusong county was named as one of the national top ten cities for summer tourism and Jingyu county was named as one of the national sample cities for summer tourism. Changbai county has maintained its position at the top in the "deep breathing town" list for three consecutive years.