Glance of Tianchi Lake at Changbai Mountain in June


In June 2020, Changbai Mountain is under a cloudless blue sky. Tianchi Lake at Changbai Mountain begins to melt after being frozen as long as six months.

Tianchi Lake, located at the top of the volcanic cone of the main peak of Changbai Mountain, is the highest, largest and deepest active crater lake in the world. Its summer melt water is blue and winter ice surface is white. Tianchi Lake looks like a magnificent jade inlaid in the center of the peaks of Changbai Mountain, which is the last lake to melt in China every year.
Changbai Mountain scenic area begins to reopen on June 11 in a safe and orderly manner and will be free to the public until June 27. (Han Jinxiang and Cao Lianzhi)