Vice-governor hosts a livestreaming show with over 1,135,000 people watching online


"If you come to Jilin province at this time, you can visit Changbai Mountain and experience cool summer for leisure.  If you come in autumn, you can see a bumper grain harvest and enjoy the spectacular scenery of red leaves. If you come in winter, you can go skiing, enjoy Jilin rime and taste Chagan Lake fish."
On the evening of June 19, A Dong, vice-governor of Jilin province, took the role of tourism ambassador in the Jingdong livestreaming room of China-Singapore Food Zone of Jilin city to introduce Jilin’s four-season tourism products as well as major tourist attractions such as Changbai Mountain and Chagan Lake, attracting more than 1,135,000 people to watch online with 280,000 likes. When introducing Jilin's human geography, A Dong promoted the province’s agricultural products by tasting on the spot and telling historical stories behind the products, as well as invited people to visit Jilin province. 
After the livestreaming show, Vice-Governor A Dong went to Douyin studio to learn about its operation situation. He suggested that livestreaming e-commerce should constantly enrich product categories, innovate livestreaming forms, as well as introduce tourist attractions and local products to expand Jilin's popularity.
This livestreaming show is one of the warm-up activities of Jilin tourism consumption year. The Jilin Provincial Government plans to carry out the "Jilin tourism and sports consumption year" for one and a half years by focusing on the integration consumption of business, tourism, culture and sports, so as to accelerate the work resumption of such industries as tourism, culture and sports.