Spring farming is progressing in Songyuan

2020-05-17    JL.gov

Hadashan Water Control Project fully guarantees agricultural water use. 
As the weather gets warmer, rice transplanting starts in Songyuan.
Sowing, fertilization and drip irrigation can be completed in one time with the help of technology, which supports spring farming.   
After the May Day holiday, flowers bloom in the warm spring. With a timely rain, everywhere is the spring farming scene with working machines on the fertile land of Songyuan.
Songyuan is one of the main grain-producing areas in China with an annual grain output of more than 14 billion jin (7 billion kg). At present, the city has 1.757 million mu (117,133 hectares) of cultivated rice seedlings which are growing well and ready to be transplanted. There is 16.734 million mu (1.1156 million hectares) of dry farmland sown with rice seedlings. 
Since 2018, Songyuan city has established 124 green agricultural demonstration bases of 10 kinds such as green rice, peanut, millet, miscellaneous grains and beans with 316 green organic pollution-free agricultural products certified, and has built 5 Chinese well-known trademarks, 8 national geographical indication trademarks and 8 national geographic indication protection products. 
On January 11, 2020, Songyuan city's "building green demonstration bases, leading the development of green agriculture" initiative won the "2019 national top ten models of green agriculture development". The development of green agriculture in Songyuan city was highly recognized by industry experts, scholars and people from all walks of life. (Photo/Wang Xuelei)