Integrated cooperative development of Changchun and Gongzhuling


New look of Gongzhuling city. Aerial photo/Li Gang
On March 25, Gongzhuling city and STO Express sign a project via "screen-to-screen" way.   
At the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo, the fresh corn booth from Gongzhuling attracts people's attention. Photo/Yuan Songnian 
In September 2018, at the symposium on further promoting the revitalization of the northeast, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out the need to cultivate and develop modern metropolitan areas, strengthen the cooperation between key regions and fields, and form synergies for the opening-up of the northeast China. 
To implement the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping and a series of major strategic plans for the coordinated development between regions made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and the provincial government issued a document (No.31, 2018) on further optimizing the spatial layout of the coordinated development between regions, and then formulated a plan for "one pillar, six double" industrial spatial layout based on the document.
So far, as an important part, the integrated cooperative development of Changchun and Gongzhuling has been included in the development strategy of Jilin province.   
Since then, Jilin province has rolled out a number of policies on supporting the high-quality development of Changchun Economic Circle and the integrated cooperative development of Changchun and Gongzhuling, which makes Gongzhuling embrace a significant period of opportunity with multiple policies. 
Policymakers of Gongzhuling city regards investment attraction as the top priority of expanding opening-up, increasing effective investment, strengthening economic extroversion, optimizing industrial structure, promoting transformation and upgrade, and ensuring stable economic growth under the new norm, as well as further increases efforts to attract investment to the world. 
On the basis of the industrial layout of the integrated development of Changchun and Gongzhuling, 102 projects of more than 30 million yuan started construction in Gongzhuling this year, with a total investment of 38.82 billion yuan. 
The overall improvement of the soft and material environments has attracted a number of top 500 domestic and international companies and listed companies such as UK Austria International Co Ltd, Japan Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Ningbo Huaxiang, Shanghai ZTO and STO, to visit and invest continuously. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, there was an economic and trade exchange activity held almost every week, with more than 100 domestic and international companies in the top 500 list participating. Even amid the epidemic, quality companies did not stop the cooperation with Gongzhuling. The Intelligent Logistics Industrial Park Project with an investment of 1.05 billion yuan was signed by Shanghai STO and Gongzhuling via "screen-to-screen" method during the epidemic period.