Thanks to "synchronous treatment of three sources", the water environment of Siping city has a brand-new change


A bird's-eye view of the Erlongshan Reservoir in Siping city. Aerial photo/Li Gang
The colorful Congquan Lake. Photo/Li Gang
Every March, the Congquan Lake with good water environment attracts a large number of waterfowls to stop here. Photo/Li Kun
Siping is one of the cities with the most important task of the prevention and treatment of water pollution in the upper reaches of the Liao River basin. There are 8 water pollution treatment units of the Liao River basin in Jilin province, and 7 of them in Siping. At one time, the water source conservation capacity of the headwater area degenerated and the tributaries were polluted seriously.   
Since 2017, Siping has implemented the system of river chiefs and lake chiefs in the whole city, from "co-management of the government at four levels" to "synchronous treatment of three sources", which not only treats the ecological environment but also improves the governance system. Three years later, the Liao River basin in Siping has achieved a brand-new change. From the first quarter to the fourth quarter of 2019, the water quality index of national surface water inspection section of the Liao River basin in Siping decreased by 73.97%, 68.17%, 55.82% and 52.18% respectively, ranking first in the country.