Video dispatch meeting on epidemic prevention and control work of the whole province held in Jilin city


On the morning of May 10, a dispatch meeting on epidemic prevention and control work of the whole province was held in Jilin city. Bayanqolu, Party chief of Jilin province and head of the provincial leading group for epidemic prevention and control, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed the need to deeply learn from the lesson of cluster infections in Shulan city, swiftly take strict and effective measures, and make every effort to stabilize the epidemic situation, so as to curb the spread of the virus. Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, governor of the province and leader of the provincial epidemic prevention and control leading group, attended the meeting.            
Bayanqolu said that at present, the epidemic situation in Shulan city is very grim and we must comprehensively implement the "five-early" measures and make great efforts in epidemic prevent and control work with a wartime mentality in accordance with the requirements of high-risk level prevention and control.  
Bayanqolu urged all localities to strengthen joint prevention and control efforts to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. Jilin city and Shulan city need to comprehensively review the whereabouts of the confirmed cases, suspected cases and close contacts again to make sure that all periods of time and travel records of those people are absolutely clear, as well as to timely report the situation to relevant regions to share information. Other regions need to thoroughly inspect the imported people who come from Jilin city and Shulan city recently, so as to completely eliminate the potential risks without missing any blind spots.  
Bayanqolu called for concentrating the strength and resources of the whole province, so as to make efforts in the epidemic prevention work of Shulan city. He also said that it is necessary to support Shulan city to coordinate resources such as hotels, sports stadiums and hospitals and then renovate them into isolation sites to ensure the timely and proper arrangement for isolation personnel, implement the renovation of relevant medical institutions as soon as possible, allocate the strong medical reserves organized by medical personnel of the whole province to meet the need of medical treatment, support and uniformly allocate the supply of anti-epidemic materials with the priority of epidemic prevention, control and treatment in front line to meet the medical treatment and epidemic prevention needs of Shulan people, and support the supply of living materials to ensure the stable supply of daily necessities for people's lives.
Jing Junhai said that in order to win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control in all aspects, it is necessary to implement prevention and control measures like the "six seamless and hermetic processes" on a regular basis. Jing stressed the need to identify the infection source against the clock to cut off virus transmission, as well as to strengthen the areas of weakness and close the loopholes by focusing on such areas as entry, handover, transition, isolation, detection, treatment, discharge and recovery. All participants in the whole process should be protected in place with centralized isolation after work to achieve seamless and hermetic management. (Photo/Song Kai)