Scenery of areas under the jurisdiction of Jilin city in May


During the May Day holiday this year, 12 A-level tourist sites in Jilin city opened to the public and received 130,000 visitors in total. All scenic spots and attractions were in a safe and orderly manner. Visitors showed a high interest on the trip in a good tourism order.           
Spring scenery of Yongji
"Yongji" means "forever auspicious". Yongji county is located at 126°31′E and 43°42′N, between Jilin city and Changchun city. It is the transition zone from Changbai Mountain to Songnen Plain. By the beautiful Songhua River, Yongji county is one of the three major powder snow belts in the world. With beautiful mountains and rivers, Yongji county has a unique natural and cultural landscape. There are a large number of tourism resources in the county, such as Beidahu Ski Resort, Xingxingshao Reservoir, Wanchang Geothermal Hot Spring, Huangyu Karst Cave and Xingguang Korean Folk Village.  
Beautiful lake scenery of Shulan      
Panshi Guanma Cave 
Jiaohe flower sea
Jiaohe city is an excellent tourism city in China and a national demonstration county-level city for leisure agriculture and rural tourism. There are 3 national forest parks and two thirds of the Songhua Lake located in Jiaohe. Rafting Carnival, Forest Hiking Festival and other activities invite visitors to enjoy the spring of the North.                       
Sumigou in Huadian
Huadian is an important ecological town in the northern part of China. It is located at the northern foot of Changbai Mountain and in the upper reaches of the Songhua River. There are many scenic wonders as well as colorful folk art and culture in Huadian such as Shoushan Xianren Cave, Zhaodaji Mountain and Hongshi two national forest parks, Baishan Lake, Hongshi Lake, Songhua Lake, a hundred miles of rime and red leaf corridor, a hundred mu of habitat for herons and the first gold mine in a century.
Photos/Li Ming and Li Zhicheng