Life in Jilin at the end of spring and the beginning of summer


Due to the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, the park on the doorstep becomes the first choice for a spring outing. Photo/Han Yuhong
Visitors scan health code before entering Changchun Jingyuetan National Scenic Spot. Photo/Han Yuhong
The personnel on duty provide services for citizens to have trips safe and sound. Photo/Yu Yue
The Jilin Provincial Library staff guide the public to scan health code before entering the library. Photo/Han Yuhong
Songyuan citizens’ movement areas. Photos/Mu Nan
In late spring, people have resumed normal activities. Some people choose to have a spring outing and enjoy flowers in the park, and some people choose to go shopping in the mall. They feel relaxed when they get outside but with significantly improved self-protection awareness. The personnel on duty stick to their posts with masks wearing, who measure people’s temperature and scan "Jixiang code" before they enter public spaces, so as to effectively avoid the risk of regional mass gatherings based on the on-site registration and the verification of epidemic prevention data on the national government services platform, and to provide services for citizens to have trips safe and sound. 
There is a 30-40-meter-long queue of readers waiting to enter the Jilin Provincial Library before it opens at 9:00 am. Several library staff carry QR code for readers to scan and guide them to complete the on-site confirmation after online reservation. In the meantime, with the help of "Jixiang code" confirming the health information, the verification work goes fast and orderly for readers to enter the library.