Jilin province makes every effort to prevent and control the epidemic and adopts a holistic approach to boost economic development

2020-03-12    JL.gov

Changchun Customs adopts facilitative customs clearance measures such as 7×24-hour appointment clearance and remote one-to-one guidance for declaration to fully support the stable development of foreign trade enterprises. Changchun Xinglong Customs actively launches door-to-door service to help enterprise products rapidly go through the customs clearance procedure. Photos/Wang Jiaqi




The producers of anti-epidemic materials in the whole Jilin province work overtime, earnestly undertake social responsibility, ensure production, unleash production capacity, guarantee the rigid demand for epidemic prevention materials and firmly consolidate the epidemic prevention and control achievements. Photos/Ding Yan

When promoting the resumption of production in an orderly manner, continuously strengthen R & D and manufacturing of high-end medical equipment, so as to make the products more refined with larger scale. Photos/Zou Naishuo

Changchun Shuangyang district gives full play to the role of "ten thousand people help ten thousand enterprises", dispatches 67 assist teams and 8 service groups to provides precise services for enterprises, and makes every effort to promote the implementation of various work such as the epidemic prevention & control and resumption of work & production, so as to ensure a smooth transition of enterprises and gradual restoration of normal production and operation order. Photo/Shi Lei

The stamping, welding, coating and other workshops in the Hongqi capacity expansion plant of FAW Group are in production. The process equipment in this plant is advanced, and the automaticity and cleanliness are leading in China. Photo/Zou Naishuo




Lishu county ensures timely agriculture work in spring, guarantees the stable increase of grain production and farmers' incomes, highlights the regional characteristics, focuses on the development of greenhouse film economy and increases farmers' incomes through multiple channels. In the photo, the employees from Siping Qingfeng Seedling Co Ltd are cultivating eggplant seedlings in the greenhouse. Photos/Qian Wenbo