Changchun: Culture and Tourism Benefit the People to Celebrate the Spring Festival with Mass Activities


The scene of celebrating the Spring Festival in the museum
Readers are enthusiastic about choosing books
The scene of northeast customs of the Spring Festival exhibition  
A folk artist is making paper-cutting on the spot
According to the people’s needs and the northeast characteristics, Changchun Municipal Culture Radio Television and Tourism Bureau arranges personnel and venues, as well as unifies products and services to make each mass activity with its unique style.
◆ From January 17 (Little Chinese New Year) to January 30 (the sixth day of the Lunar New Year), 9:30am to 3:30pm every day, except 9:30am to 12:30pm on January 24 (Spring Festival's Eve), Changchun Museum of Art will launch activities of taking commonweal family photos and appreciating calligraphy works. There are many photo spots on the first floor of Changchun Museum of Art with the provision of ancient and modern clothing and professional photographers. People can visit the Chinese New Year picture exhibition and collect the calligraphy works written by calligraphers on the spot. 
◆ From January 17, a series of activities of “celebrating the Spring Festival in the museum” will be officially launched in Changchun Museum. There are 15 exhibitions in this event such as the Illusion of Orchid Emblem, Traditional Chinese New Year painting exhibition and Wang Keqing sculpture work exhibition launched in the Changchun City Palace Museum of the Manchurian Regime, Changchun Confucius’ Temple and Sculpture Museum of Changchun World Sculpture Park. Meanwhile, this event will also launch 28 activities to the public such as Spring Festival couplets giving, paper-cuttings of zodiac animals, lantern riddle guessing on Lantern Festival and ice-snow entertainment parks.  
◆ On January 18, a series of activities of "celebrating the Spring Festival in the library" are held in Changchun Library, including new year poetry, traditional culture learning tour, children's literature writers' meeting, digital reading experience activity and traditional Chinese New Year custom experience activity. Besides, Gengzi calligraphy exhibition, lantern riddle guessing on Lantern Festival and other activities will attract more and more people to Changchun Library during the Spring Festival. 
◆ The Changchun Annual Fair running through January 22 will be held in Changchun Convention and Exhibition Center. There are all kinds of special purchases for the Spring Festival such as candy, wine, seafood and specialty products. The Jilin Annual Fair at gate 9 of Ouya shopping mall will last until January 23 with traditional characteristic products such as clay figurine, gourd craft and paper-cutting. 
◆ From January 10 to 31, the 11th Jilin Winter Agricultural Expo will be held in the Agricultural Expo Park. People can enjoy green vegetation and flowers in the ice and snow season and experience the hot atmosphere of "Chinese New Year" with thousands of green and high-quality agricultural products, food, crafts, light industrial products and other special purchases for the Spring Festival. 
◆ During the Spring Festival, Changchun will also launch various mass activities. From January 17 to February 8, the Lantern Festival yangko competition will be held; from January 20 to 31, the 2020 Changchun ice and snow new scene photography exhibition will be held, and on February 8, lantern riddle guessing on Lantern Festival and other traditional activities will be held.