Changchun: Culture and Tourism Benefit the People to Celebrate the Spring Festival with Strong New Year Atmosphere


People enjoy the wonderful skiing experience of snow and ice
The snow sculpture in Changchun World Sculpture Park
Changchun Municipal Culture Radio Television and Tourism Bureau and its affiliated groups, as well as the culture and tourism administrative departments of all counties (cities), districts and development zones of Changchun city jointly launch a series of culture and tourism activities with strong local characteristics, including 189 events involving 1565 mass cultural activities themed as “let’s celebrate the Spring Festival together”, 4 ski resorts, 5 hot springs, 10 ice and snow entertainment parks and ice and snow tourism products all over the Changchun city. People can participate in the passionate ice and snow sports and experience the interesting Chinese New Year activities.
◆ There are Jingyuetan, Miaoxiang Mountain, Lianhua Mountain Shimao and Tianding Mountain four ski resorts for the public to enjoy the passion of ice and snow. Every ski resort will offer primary, intermediate and high-class ski slopes and provide cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, tourism skiing and other products to meet different needs of people. 
◆ There are ten entertainment parks such as Changchun Ice and Snow World, Jingyue Snow World, Changchun Sculpture Ice and Snow World, Bosideng & Ouya Ice and Snow Adventure bringing new ice-snow experience. 
◆ There are ice and snow attractions in key parks and squares such as snow sculpture show in Nanhu Park, ice lantern and ice sculpture show in Changchun Park and lighting festival in Changchun Water Culture Ecological Garden. 
◆ There are a series of activities themed as “all the people join in the ice and snow sports” such as ice and snow hiking, mass ice hockey tournament and cross-country skiing in Nanxi Wetland Park.
◆ There are 5 main ice-snow hot springs, including Guoxin Hot Spring, Yulong Hot Spring, Caesar Forest Hot Spring, Tianyi Hot Spring and Guandong Cultural Park launching activities such as reunion dinner to celebrate the Spring Festival.