Jing Junhai Works on the Spot at Jilin Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center
Big data plays a practical role and adds strength to the power of science and technology in the battle of epidemic prevention and control

2020-02-06    JL.gov


On February 4, Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin provincial committee and governor of Jilin province, went to Jilin provincial epidemic prevention and control command center to research and plan for the development and use of the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control management platform. Photo/Zou Naishuo


Jing Junhai watches the system operation demonstrations of the epidemic prevention and control management platform such as investigation and video on the big screen and understands the situations of epidemic prevention and control in Baishan city and Huadian city via the video calls. He stresses that accelerating the application of information technologies such as big data is an urgent need for epidemic prevention and control. Make every effort to set up the epidemic prevention and control management platform, and realize the network access of all levels, all regions, all systems, all sectors and all businesses as soon as possible. Aim at the needs of " early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment ", collect information, report and respond to treatment in the first time, connect authoritative experts via the video calls, guide treatment scientifically, and spare no effort to ensure the life safety of patients. Grasp the development of data analysis and decision-making functions for precision analyze risks. Develop allocation management function, dynamically collect the data of material production, reserve, flow adjustment and gap of the whole province, and prioritize the allocation of materials to the most needed places. Accelerate the construction of the new 5G office system, guide the new working and living modes such as video conference and network office, improve work efficiency and cultivate new growth points.


Cai Dong etc. attend the activity.