Changbai Mountain tourism achieves good start


Source: Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism


The Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone Management Committee seized the opportunities brought by the robust recovery of the cultural tourism market, carried out the promotion of winter tourism, kept developing high-quality tourism routes and products, and made every effort to transform "cold ice & snow" and "original ecology" into "hot economy" and "new fashion". From January to February this year, the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area received 163,000 tourists in total, an increase of 333.55 percent over the same period in 2022.

Continuous development of local products

Relying on the culture and tourism resources of Changbai Mountain, the management committee stepped up efforts in the census of tourism resources, promoted industrial agglomeration and upgrading, optimized the structure of tourism products, launched cultural tourism projects with local characteristics, and developed more youthful and themed products to meet the new needs of the post-pandemic market.

Matrix promotion of new media

With the official account of "Changbai Mountain Cultural Tourism" as the platform, the management committee deepened cooperation with Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Meituan and Ctrip, established a marketing system for tourism products, carried out scene and intelligent marketing, and invited online celebrities to visit Changbai Mountain and surrounding scenic areas.

Launch of festivals and activities

The management committee gave full play to the influence of Changbai Mountain brand events, adopted the PPP and other modes, supported enterprises in socialized operation, held a series of culture, tourism and sports activities, and enriched the nighttime and ice & snow consumption market of Changbai Mountain.

Promotion of consumption with vouchers

According to the requirements of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on the issuance of consumption vouchers, the management committee issued ice & snow consumption vouchers with winter tourism enterprises in Changbai Mountain as the carrier, aiming to further boost the rapid recovery of the cultural tourism market, to activate the potential demand for culture and tourism consumption, to promote the development of the cultural tourism industry, and to give full play to the fundamental role of culture and tourism consumption in economic development.