2023 "Changbai Spring Snow" Changbai Mountain Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference held in Shanghai


Source: Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism


The 2023 Changbai Mountain Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference, themed on "Changbai Spring Snow", was recently held in Shanghai, aiming to keep building the "Changbai Spring Snow" cultural tourism brand, to promote more tourism products with both Changbai Mountain characteristics and youthful vitality, to consolidate and expand the tourism source market in East China and to help the development of Changbai Mountain's tourism economy.

The conference was hosted by the Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone Management Committee and the Baishan Municipal People's Government. Representatives of culture and tourism enterprises in Changbai Mountain introduced the new changes in tourism development, new ideas of tourism products and rich tourism resources via videos, pictures and explanations, fully displaying the unique charm of Changbai Mountain. They also exchanged ideas with culture and tourism departments, industry associations, ski clubs, travel agencies and media experts in East China.

The Changbai Mountain Cultural Tourism (East China) Promotion Center was inaugurated at the conference. With six core service functions including cultural tourism exhibition, publicity and promotion, product research and development, regional cooperation, investment attraction and tourism commodities, the center will serve as a window to promote and display Changbai Mountain, and will realize the seamless connection between the cultural tourism in Changbai Mountain and the tourism source in East China.

At the event site, the Tourism, Culture and Sports Bureau of the Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone Management Committee and the Baishan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Meizhi (Shanghai) Culture Technology Co to comprehensively promote the cross-provincial integrated development and innovative cooperation of Changbai Mountain's cultural tourism industry. They also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shanghai Spring International Travel Service Co, Snowboarding Ski Club, SNOWHERO Ski Club, SHEERCOOL Ski Club, SPADERS Ski Club, HOPO SNOW Ski Club and Shanghai X-united Ski Club to boost the coordinated development of ice and snow markets in Changbai Mountain and East China. The signing of agreements marks the beginning of in-depth cooperation between Changbai Mountain and East China in the ice and snow market. The two sides will share resources, integrate light and heavy assets, establish a high-quality product system for winter tourism with excellent services, carry out strategic cooperation in the areas of high-end ski market layout, tourism destination creation, tourism resource sharing, market channel development and tourism services, and jointly explore China's high-end ice and snow tourism market.