Shulan rice selected as staple food for Antarctic research team members


Source: Jilin Daily
A total of 154 members of China's Antarctic research team started their 38th expedition. The 8.5 tons of Shulan rice carried on Xue Long they took, which set off from the Shanghai port, became the staple food for the team members, helping China's polar research cause. 
After strict screening, the quality of Shulan rice has been recognized. The Polar Research Institute of China designated it as the selected product for China's Arctic and Antarctic research.
Thanks to Shulan's unique geographical location and natural conditions, Shulan rice has good quality, with white and shiny rice color, the same size, soft and waxy taste. It is rich in a variety of trace elements and amino acids.
In recent years, Shulan rice has successively won the honor of China's geographical indication certification products, China's agricultural landmark protection products, China's top ten influential brands in grain and oil industry, Jilin's famous trademark and China's well-known trademark. Shulan city has been awarded the title of "China's Ecological Rice Hometown".