Jilin province gathers high-end talents with targeted services


Source: Jilin Daily
To attract, make good use of and keep talents, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security has innovated its talent-related working system and mechanism, provided targeted services for high-end talents in an all-round way and created a favorable environment for talents, so that all kinds of talents can do their best and show their abilities. 
To implement the talent policy 2.0, Jilin has set up 77 comprehensive service windows in the whole province to provide nearby employment services for high-level talents and employers, promoted talent gathering through policy implementation and launched talent-related matter processing services at windows. 
Focusing on the implementation of the talent policy 2.0 and the rural talent policy 1.0, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security has built a comprehensive service window for talents in the provincial human resources and social security system to improve public services. Meanwhile, the department has also established an appointment system to facilitate the application of medium and large-sized units and research institutes, assigned special personnel to provide docking services and launched the online pre-approval service. The "acceptance with incomplete application materials" service has been launched to simplify and facilitate the application work, that is, applicants can continue to handle their matters only by making a personal commitment to submit the non-core missing materials later. 
The province has actively carried out the introduction work of high-level talents. To attract more high-end professionals to stay in Jilin for entrepreneurship and employment, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security has organized relevant enterprises and public institutions in the province to participate in national job fairs for doctors and post-doctors. In addition, the province has set up a special talent service system with the focus of development zones and key pillar industries, provided customized services to meet the talent demand of enterprises, promoted the assessment of honorary titles and the evaluation of senior professional titles of talents in rural areas in an innovative way, and launched the 24-hour working mechanism to complete the issuance of 100 outstanding talent certificates, Jixiang cards and 300 senior professional title certificates.