Jing Junhai stresses at enlarged meeting of Standing Committee of Jilin Provincial Party Committee that always keep people in mind and spare no effort to ensure warm homes for them this winter Han Jun, Jiang Zelin attend the meeting


Source: Cailian News
Jing Junhai, Party chief of Jilin province, presided over an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee on the first day of work after the National Day holiday. He stressed the need to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions during his visit to Jilin, adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, always keep people's well-being in mind, do a solid job in coal and power supply, heating and current key tasks, spare no effort to ensure warm homes for people this winter, and achieve the annual development targets. Han Jun, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, and Jiang Zelin, chairman of the CPPCC Jilin Committee, attended the meeting.
The meeting heard reports on the province's coal and power supply and heating, Changchun's epidemic prevention and control, as well as recent key work. 
Jing Junhai stressed that coal and power supply and heating are related to people's livelihood and the province's overall development. He urged Party committees, governments and relevant departments and units at all levels should live up to their responsibilities and make every effort to meet the power demand during the peak periods this winter, increase energy security resources through multiple channels, promote orderly power consumption, formulate energy consumption plans in a scientific and reasonable way, guide power and natural gas enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities and to improve their power generation capacity during peak hours, and ensure continuous supply of thermal coal and heating during the coming winter. He said efforts should be made to coordinate the resources of all parties, increase the supply of high-quality coal, explore a joint mechanism of coal and electricity prices, strengthen power distribution and grid management to effectively ensure the needs of electricity and heating, formulate scientific measures to achieve peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality goals, accelerate the adjustment of the energy structure, promote the complementary use of coal-fired, solar, wind, geothermal and pumped-storage power, and establish a diversified and clean energy supply system to better ensure energy security.
At present, the task of preventing the coronavirus from re-entering the country to cause a new epidemic is still arduous, said Jing Junhai, calling for staying vigilant, strengthening measures and paying close attention to implementation. We should implement the provincial Party Committee's requirements of "one precision and three guarantees", further improve screening, control and isolation measures, and consolidate the hard-earned gains in the fight against Covid-19. For overseas returnees, we should adopt strict containment measures, such as customs quarantine, nucleic acid test, safe transfer and concentrated isolation, to ensure precise closed-loop management at all times. Efforts should be made to ensure the stability of industrial and supply chains. 
The fourth quarter is the key stage for the completion of the work of the whole year and the start of the work next year, said Jing Junhai, urging to fully implement the "one pillar, six doubles" high-quality development strategy and achieve the targets and tasks of the year with hard work. We should give strong support to FAW, CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles, Jilin Petrochemical Company and other key enterprises to stabilize production, continue to stimulate the innovation vitality of small and medium-sized firms, and maintain a sound momentum of economic growth. We should do our best to ensure a good autumn harvest for national food security, plan ahead for ice and snow tourism, foster and develop new business forms and models such as e-commerce livestreaming and the online celebrity economy, and strive to create a new development pattern featuring multiple props, common growth of different industries and diversification. We should continue to promote the construction of winter projects, do a solid job in attracting investment and talents, and further gather resources, attract enterprises, introduce talents and launch projects. We should strengthen efforts to guarantee and improve people's livelihood, do more practical work for people, ensure work safety, fulfill the primary responsibility, and prevent serious and major accidents. All localities and departments should actively focus on and fully serve the key work deployment of the provincial Party committee to ensure the promotion of major events, meetings and activities with effective results.