13th China-Northeast Asia Expo delivers fruitful results 111 cooperation projects were signed with a total investment of over 196.2 billion yuan


Source: Jilin Daily
The 13th China-Northeast Asia Expo was successfully concluded. On September 30, the Executive Committee of the Northeast Asia Expo announced the highlights and achievements of this year's expo at the press conference held by the Information Office of Jilin Provincial Government.
Political leaders from many countries gathered in the expo, and Chinese and foreign businessmen were optimistic about the new opportunities in Northeast Asia's development and opening-up. In terms of foreign political leaders, 46 leaders from 12 countries and regions at or above the vice-ministerial (provincial) level attended the expo. In terms of domestic political leaders, 9 leaders from 12 ministries, commissions and institutions directly under the central government at or above the vice-ministerial level, as well as 10 leaders from 12 provinces and equivalent administrative units at or above the vice-provincial level, attended the expo on site. In terms of merchants, more than 20,000 merchants from 51 countries and regions participated in the offline expo. The influence and attraction of the Northeast Asia Expo have gradually increased, and the "circle of friends" has further expanded.
The mode of holding the expo inherited innovation, and conferences and forums showed a new atmosphere of seeking common development in Northeast Asia. This year's expo followed the concept of keeping to the right path and making innovations on the basis of the previous 12 sessions. The 11th High-level Forum on Northeast Asia Cooperation, as the main forum of the expo, was successfully held. There were 5 events, including the 2nd Northeast Asia Cooperation Roundtable, the 2021 Northeast Asia Business Cooperation Forum, the 2nd Northeast Asia E-commerce Summit & Promotion of "Digital Commerce for Agriculture" in Northeast China (Jilin), the Dialogues on Northeast Asia Industrial Parks and the 3rd Legal Forum of China-Northeast Asia Expo, launched during the expo to consolidate the cooperation mechanism. Remarkable achievements were made in exchanges and cooperation at the expo. Focusing on the integration of services into the new development paradigm featuring dual circulation, the expo hosted another 5 supporting conference events, including the Zhejiang Entrepreneurs in the Yangtze River Delta Entering Jilin & "Jilin Encounters Zhejiang" Northeast Revitalization Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Promotion Conference, the Forum on Space Science and Application Industrialization and Standardization Development, the Jilin Shenzhen Smart City Construction Promotion and Matchmaking Conference, the China (Shanxi)-Northeast Asia Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference, and the Jilin (Changbai Mountain) Investment and Promotion Symposium, to strengthen paired-up cooperation and to promote practical exchanges and cooperation between Jilin province and relevant regions in different fields. During the expo, the 2021 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit and the Multinational Corporations in Jilin attracted over 1,000 executives of top 500 enterprises and multinational corporations. On September 29, the 6th World Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention opened, and more than 500 Jilin businessmen, experts and scholars attended to make suggestions for the comprehensive revitalization of Jilin and to achieve a series of practical cooperation results.
Major projects were signed at the expo, and economic and trade exchanges yielded new fruits of practical cooperation in Northeast Asia. A total of 111 international and domestic cooperation projects were signed at the recently concluded expo, with a total investment of over 196.2 billion yuan. Among them, there were 98 contract projects with total investment exceeding 117.1 billion yuan, up 110.69 percent over the previous session, as well as 13 agreement projects with an agreed amount of more than 79.1 billion yuan. The contract projects cover such fields as new energy and clean energy, new materials, medical and health care, green food and agricultural products processing, cultural tourism, automobile and parts processing, petrochemical industry, equipment manufacturing, electronic information and advanced technology, metallurgy and production of building materials, light industry and textile, and modern service industry. 
The expo created many highlights, and high-end products showed the new image of enterprises in Northeast Asia. The expo set up 7 theme pavilion both online and offline, including a Technological Innovation Pavilion, Automobile Pavilion, Northeast Asian Countries Pavilion, Jilin Pavilion, Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Cities Pavilion, Import Commodity Pavilion and New Media Live Broadcast Pavilion. The offline exhibition covered an area of 70,000 square meters with 1,001 domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions. The online exhibition attracted 1,832 exhibitors with more than 16,600 exhibits, enabling merchants to discuss business and visit the expo online. Over 210,000, people attended the online exhibition. 
Rigorous service guarantee comprehensively improved the new experience of expo guests. In terms of epidemic prevention and control, the expo coordinated epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control requirements, strengthened targeted epidemic prevention measures such as temperature checking, code verification, disinfection and nucleic acid testing, effectively prevented epidemic risks and achieved the goal of no imported infection, no transmission, no resurgence and zero occurrence of the epidemic. In terms of internet safety risk prevention, the expo ensured the safety and smoothness of online and offline exhibition. In terms of public security, the expo took strong measures to ensure tight organization, detailed division of labor and close cooperation. In terms of reception services, the expo implemented the coordination and connection of accommodation, travel and participation links and provided high-quality services for expo guests.