FAW Jiefang Axle Base and Axle Technology Upgrade Project starts construction

2021-07-29    JL.gov

Recently, the FAW Jiefang Axle Base and Axle Technology Upgrade Project started construction in Changchun International Auto City.
As one of the three core assemblies of Jiefang vehicles, Jiefang axle plays a key role in carrying, steering and driving conduction. Calculated by a single vehicle, the output value of the axle has reached one tenth of the complete automobile, which is the key core competitiveness of Jiefang vehicles. By the end of June, FAW Jiefang had produced 12.5 million axles.
The first phase of the FAW Jiefang Axle Base and Axle Technology Upgrade Project has a total investment of 1.068 billion yuan, covering an area of 91,700 square meters and a construction area of 72,000 square meters. The main construction of the plant will be completed on June 30, 2022, and the equipment will be ready for installation and debugging. Trial production will start on December 30, 2022. After completion, the plant will add an output value of 1.36 billion yuan and a production capacity of 100,000 drive axles. The total production capacity will reach an annual output of 320,000 drive axles, 160,000 steering axles and 450,000 sets of reducer assembly, with an annual output value of over 8 billion yuan.
The project will build the new energy manufacturing and differential shell processing base and two workshops in the assembly base into a new modern green plant featuring digitization and intellectualization. In terms of assembly technology, the axle assembly line will adopt the AGV conveying technology and the tray rapid dispatching technology for the first time in China to realize automatic assembly and flexible production. A large number of visual error prevention, sensor error prevention and online detection technologies will be applied to achieve the assembly quality reaching the European level. In terms of logistics distribution, digital technologies such as AGV, RGV, three-dimensional warehouse, MOM and LES will be adopted to ensure automatic material distribution and to eliminate waiting waste in all links. In terms of green environmental protection, the coating line will utilize grinding dust removal cabinets for waste zero emission, use two-component high-performance waterborne paint, and apply the zeolite runner technology and the RTO combustion technology to effectively reduce VOC emissions. The new plant will apply photovoltaic power generation and other clean energy technologies to realize full coverage of intelligent energy systems, as well as effective energy conservation and emission reduction. In terms of digitization, the new park will carry out digital process design and simulation verification, improve virtual manufacturing capacity, shorten the process design cycle, and apply advanced technologies such as big data, industrial cloud, 5G and edge computing to achieve a high-efficiency, high-quality, low-cost digital plant and to realize intelligent digital full coverage of the park management.