FAW Hongqi Fanrong factory to occupy commanding heights of new energy vehicle industry

2021-07-19    JL.gov

China FAW new energy vehicle factory, located in the Fanrong Base of the Changchun Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone, covers an area of 755,000 square meters and a construction area 435,000 square meters. The whole project is jointly planned by Jilin provincial governments at all levels and FAW Group. The factory, since its establishment, has shouldered the responsibilities of implementing FAW's "831" and "3341" action plans, promoting the expansion of Hongqi brand and boosting the regional economic and social development of Changchun city. It is not only a key project to realize the development strategy of FAW Hongqi, but also an important project to help the economic development of the Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone.
The whole factory project, built in accordance with the world-leading design and manufacturing concept, is a key measure for the Hongqi brand to occupy the commanding heights of the industry. Based on the 5G era, the factory has introduced the intelligent central control system to collect and monitor equipment data in real time, with millions of data acquisition points in the five major workshops including stamping, welding, painting, final assembly, etc. The factory has also conducted predictive maintenance of equipment based on artificial intelligence algorithm, which can be alerted before the equipment failure. Meanwhile, massive data goes into the unified data center and automatically generates the data API service, which can be accessed at any time, providing an important reference for all aspects of production and manufacturing. The factory is a new concept factory driven by digital "virtual factory" and highly automated "physical factory".
Quality, safety and technology are the core elements of new energy vehicle products. FAW Hongqi new energy factory has integrated a large number of new technologies and manufacturing techniques and achieved many domestic and even global firsts. It is a high-quality factory specially designed for the "new four modernizations" of vehicles. The world's first process-level automatic driving function test bed has intelligently simulated complex traffic scenes and realized the test and verification of self-driving vehicle production line. For the first time, the cell sorting technology has achieved on-line detection of self-discharge rate and automatic polarity adjustment, creating the ultimate quality and safety. Green and low-carbon development is another outstanding feature of FAW Hongqi new energy factory.
In the electrified, intelligent, internet-connected and shared trend surging to the time, the birth of FAW Hongqi new energy factory marks the arrival of "Jilin opportunity" for the development of China's automobile industry.