Production-demand coordination to promote high-quality development of pharmaceutical industry


On May 31, the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture, together with the Prefectural Health Commission, the Prefectural Market Supervision Regulation Bureau and the Yanbian Inspection Branch of the Provincial Medical Products Administration, organized and launched a meeting on the coordination between production and demand of the pharmaceutical industry. 30 medical institutions, 25 pharmaceutical wholesale and retail enterprises, as well as nearly 30 manufacturing enterprises across the prefecture attended the meeting.
At the meeting, enterprises and representatives of all parties fully explored the coordination effect, transformed the meeting scale into coordination results, continued to establish a good relationship between supply and demand, studied sales policies conducive to the prefecture, reduced drug prices, sold and promoted more and better products to the market inside and outside the prefecture on the basis of the original establishment of local drug counters. On the same day, 3 enterprises signed agreements with medical institutions and drug distribution enterprises with an agreed amount of 20 million yuan, and 13 medical and health enterprises reached the purchase intention with the demand side. It is estimated that the sales value will increase by 30 million yuan, and the annual output value of enterprises will increase by 50 million yuan.